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Head Trauma, Neurological Symptoms, and Lyme Disease

0 3 years ago

When Brian finished college, he had dreams of becoming a professional hockey player. Unfortunately, he got a rough blow to the head and sustained a concussion. Although he didn’t lose consciousness, he developed a host of symptoms that led to leaving the ice.

He complained of daily headaches that were worse with exertion; physical and mental fatigue, decreased concentration and short-term memory, joint pains, muscle pains, muscle cramps, chest pain, sore soles that were more tender when first getting out of bed, paresthesias (pins and needles sensation) in his fingers and toes; daytime sweats, and urethritis—pain on urination.

Sound familiar? Brian had spent time in upstate New York and went to college in Massachusetts. He had never seen a tick attachment nor an EM rash. An alert physician ran a Lyme Western Blot test but the only positive band was the IgG 18 kd, which was interpreted as negative.

The plot thickens.


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