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Healthy footballer left struggling to get out of bed after an infected tick bite

0 2 years ago

In February 2021 Steven Williams was a fit, healthy 36-year-old who went to CrossFit, played football, and even played in a band.

However, in the space of a few days, his whole life changed dramatically and even getting out of bed became a chore.

“I’ve never had any kind of mental health issues previously,” he said. “I suddenly started getting very intense anxiety and panic attacks for no reason.

“Literally over the course of a few days, everything changed.

“I went from being one week before in CrossFit class and exercising and fit and healthy, to being off work for eight months.”

His panic and anxiety attacks were so intense at the time that he was almost taken to A&E for treatment. Everyday tasks such as getting up, or getting washed and dressed were too overwhelming for him to manage.

He also experiences extreme shaking, sometimes for as much as eighteen hours of the day, only being able to sleep for two hours, and having a constant ringing in his ears.

“I almost lost my life in the summer, it was absolutely horrific.”

Thankfully, Steven began to seek help immediately and his GP raised concerns of a suspected adrenal gland tumour or brain tumour.

He was referred for scans, however, due to the ongoing pandemic and NHS delays, he decided to seek private medical treatment.

Both fortunately and unfortunately, no tumours were found on Steven’s results.


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