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Meet Stef Manning and her battle against Lyme Disease

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Steff Manning
Steff Manning

To start, I would like to introduce some facts about myself so it may feel as if you know me. I’m the bubbly girl…dancer and cheerleader since I was a child and through college. I was upbeat, a hard worker, eager to please and loved being around people. Everyone knew me as the fun, spunky, funny and sarcastic life of the party. My job out of college I was THRILLED with. I worked with sports and traveled internationally selling production services for broadcast on LED displays and also consulted for design basics and marketing/advertising ideas so display owners could monetize their new assets. I was excited to go to work every day, and I put forth 120% effort and passion. Nothing could hold me down, not even my Type 1 diabetes.

Now, I realize that the struggle with fundraising for Lyme is not only the lack of knowledge of the disease itself, but also lack of empathy and understanding from the public. I feel that once I share my struggles, it may somehow connect with others, and bring a sense of urgency and level of emotion that will empower action. My struggles began in April of 2009.

I had returned from a 2 week work trip on the east coast, primarily in Maryland and Virginia. I had moved a large amount of brush, tree branches, and leaves from my yard at my home in South Dakota, so initial muscle aches and pains I attributed to my physical labor. Fast forward two weeks after my return home in early May, and the pain was increasing in intensity, and had spread to my ribs, back, arms…my muscles were on fire, feeling as if they were being torn and pulled in every direction. I went first to a chiropractor…no relief. Then to massage therapy, which only irritated my condition. Acupuncture was next…still nothing. The pain eventually moved to my lower abdomen, which then prompted me to go to the emergency room.

The initial hospital visit lead to a CT scan and blood work to test for appendicitis. While waiting for the CT scan, I became nauseated. The nurses attributed that to the ink pushed through my blood for the scan. The scan showed that I did not have appendicitis, so I was told to take acetaminophen to see if the pain would subside, but that never did work…

I had visited the doctor as a follow-up directed from the hospital. Additional blood tests for kidney and liver issues were taken, due to my type 1 diabetes and initial belief that my complications were diabetes related, but again, negative results for everything. He prescribed Lidocaine patches that I utilized along with heat patches, pain patches, and a back/weight brace for support.

You can read Steff Manning`s full story HERE

We would like to thank Steff Manning, for sharing with us her story.

We believe that through her words and those suffering from Chronic. Lyme disease we will be able to bring awareness to the imperative need of having earlier and better diagnostic centres as well as more effective treatments.

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