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What Can Chronic Lyme Disease Teach Us About Long Covid?

0 2 years ago

One-third of patients who were sick with COVID-19 have come down with chronic symptoms, now known as long Covid, a.k.a long-hauler syndrome, a.k.a post-Covid syndrome.1 For the most part, these are people who had mild SARS-CoV-2 infections.

And although vaccinations mostly protect patients from serious illness and death, recent data suggests that breakthrough cases of vaccinated people who catch the virus are at the same risk of developing long Covid as the unvaccinated.2 As yet, we don’t have data on the Omicron variant and long Covid.

Distressingly Familiar Symptoms

The symptoms of long Covid are distressingly familiar to patients who suffer from persistent illness with Lyme disease: severe fatigue, muscle aches and joint pains, impaired cognition (“brain fog”), insomnia, headaches, sleep disorders, cough and shortness of breath, palpitations and lightheadedness.3,4 Many patients have also reported mood issues with anxiety, depression, and even psychosis.3-5

Like the condition we call chronic Lyme, long Covid can be totally disabling, with people exhausted or short of breath after walking across the room. Sometimes these symptoms last a few months, but some folks are still ill for over a year without respite. There are now reported suicides among those who were suffering from long Covid.6


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