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Introducing Conscious Music Code’s Global Pioneers

0 2 years ago

When I started working on Conscious Music Code 10 years back,

I had no idea how I would reach people across the world with the power of the technique. All I knew was, I was unstoppable when it came to my mission of elevating human consciousness with music.

????And now a decade later, I am excited to introduce to you my team of Global Pioneers who are spearheading the mission together with me.

Each one here has his/her own amazing tools to empower human lives and now, they’ve decided to use Conscious Music Code, too.

We are creating a win-win scenario in business while pumping up our heart-driven energies to empower people to find their own greatness.

???? Meet our Global Ambassadors

Jim Lippens Europe

Asha Lalai

Roger Sargent USA

????‍♀️Meet our partners in creating Happier Workplaces

Happiness@Work – Conference 2022 4D Lean

????‍♀️Meet our Charity partner in Canada


????Meet our Global Pioneers:

Carrie Leaf USA

Laura Brennan Ballet USA

Christina Alikatora UK

Kunle Pelemo Nigeria

Nisha Jhangiani Singapore

Melissa Chiandussi Canada

Jacqueline ???? Way Canada

Pascal Strauss Netherlands

Hulya Kurt Switzerland

Joy Vanichkul USA

Linda Bonnar PCC Coach USA

Morry Zelcovitch USA

Melissa Acob ⭐️USA

Leslie Urbas USA

Dhuha Awad UAE

Maya Kogan USA

Suparna Ghosh India

Shantanu Das Sharma MBA India


Raj Kumar Singapore

❧ Inga Gelford ❧ USA

@Kat sykes USA

Rajeev Daswani UAE

Special mention to my dearest friends Marnix Geus Martijn Lampert

Get in touch or leave a comment if you want to join us!

Follow us on Conscious Music Code and stay tuned to for all the amazing stuff coming up.

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