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10 Key Things To Know About Being In A Relationship With A Woman With ADHD

0 2 years ago

You love your partner and have so much fun together. You enjoy that she can focus so much attention on you and you feel like the center of her world.

But, sometimes, you have fights because she forgot where she put her keys for the 10th time, is running late all the time, and can’t remember that you asked her to pick up something for you.

What is it like being in a relationship with a woman with ADHD?

At the beginning of your relationship, your partner was probably able to focus on you because when something is new and exciting, then they can hyper-focus.

You may have felt special, loved, and important. But, since women with ADHD struggle with inattentiveness, procrastination, time management, and organization, your relationship may have changed over time.

Knowing these ten features of ADHD in women may help you understand your partner.

After all, ADHD in women often looks different from how it presents in men or boys.

1. ADHD in women can look different for each woman and each woman may have some or all of the symptoms and signs.

Women who are called spacey, forgetful, and living in a dream world may actually be suffering from ADHD. These symptoms may be confusing to you in a relationship and may feel personal when it is not, necessarily.

The common symptoms of ADHD such as hyperactive and aggressive are not the typical signs of ADHD in women.

2. A sign of ADHD in women is mood swings, which are frequently misdiagnosed as anxiety or depression.

Women with ADHD have been found to blame themselves for their challenges and shortcomings, instead of understanding how ADHD impacts their lives.


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