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Health benefits of an anti-inflammatory diet: 10 foods to eat and 6 to avoid

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Inflammation is a process that helps the body fight things that could cause harm, like infections and injuries. It’s a healing process that is completely normal and healthy.

However, too much inflammation over time keeps the body in a constant state of alert and can begin to negatively impact organs and tissues. Chronic inflammation is even linked to serious health problems like cancer, heart disease, asthma and others.

Making lifestyle changes is one way to help fight chronic inflammation, especially by eating an anti-inflammatory diet.

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6 foods to avoid

Unfortunately, many foods considered part of the traditional western diet can cause inflammation. When following an anti-inflammatory diet, avoid eating:

  1. Foods high in saturated fats (including red meat, cheese and foods made with saturated fats and oils)
  2. Full-fat dairy (such as cheese and whole milk)
  3. Refined grains (foods made with white flour, like cakes, cookies, bread and pasta)
  4. Processed sugars (foods made with cane sugar or corn syrup, including candy, cookies, cakes, soda and fruit juice)
  5. Processed foods (fast food and packaged convenience foods, like cookies, chips and microwave dinners)
  6. Foods that are high in sodium (including many soups and snack foods)

Remember, you may not immediately notice the health effects of avoiding these foods. Stay consistent and persistent to experience the maximum benefits.

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