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Sprained ankle: Watch Dr Nene’s tips on how best to cope with the most common of orthopedic injuries

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Alexander Zverev suffered a bad-looking ankle injury during the French Open Semifinals against Rafael Nadal. He had sustained a serious injury after having badly rolled his ankle and he was crying in pain. Over the weekend, Zverev revealed he had torn several ligaments in his ankle.

According to Tennis World USA, the German player who gave a tough time to Rafa on the clay court at Roland Garros will almost certainly miss Wimbledon and is not expected to be back on the court before July or August.

But you do not have to be a sportsperson to suffer severe or not so bad ankle sprains or ankle injuries.

Uncannily, Dr Shriram Nene had published a video on ankle injuries – the most common of orthopedic injuries – only a day prior to the unfortunate turn of events in Paris. Watch the video above in which Dr Nene shares useful advice on when to see a doctor and how to help the healing of the injured ankle.

The most common orthopedic injury:

Rare is the person who since childhood – through sports and various activities like climbing, trekking, or at work – has not twisted an ankle, not sprained the foot joint. A sprained ankle is an injury that occurs when you roll, twist or turn your ankle in an awkward way. This can stretch or tear the tough bands of tissue (ligaments) that help hold your ankle bones together, says Mayo Clinic.

Ligaments are like the threads that help keep the joints supple, stable, and capable of bending, moving, taking weight, and calibrating the joint by preventing excessive movement. A sprained ankle occurs when the ligaments are forced beyond their normal range of motion. Most sprained ankles involve injuries to the ligaments on the outer side of the ankle.

Does sprained ankle need surgery to heal?


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