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25 Tips to Run Faster

0 2 years ago

General tips

1. Warm up and cool down

Start each workout with a warmup and finish with a cooldown. This allows you to gradually ease your body in and out of intense activity. Stretching after you run will help to prevent lactic acid buildup, which reduces swelling and muscle soreness.

2. Eat well

Your diet plays a role in your running performance, especially the foods you eat right before you run.

Follow a healthy diet with plenty of fresh fruits, berries, and melons, if they’re available to you. Load up on fresh and cooked vegetables and carbohydrates such as whole grain bread, oats, and energy bars.

Avoid processed or sugary foods. Limit your intake of foods high in fat and fiber. You may also want to avoid dairy if it causes stomach discomfort.

3. Hydrate

Drink plenty of water along with healthy drinks such as coconut water, herbal teas, or sports drinks to stay hydrated. Avoid sodas and other drinks that contain alcohol, sweeteners, and dairy.

4. Maintain a moderate body weight

For many people, running is an effective way to lose weight. Maintaining a moderate body weight can help you increase the intensity of your training and run faster.

5. Perfect your technique…

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