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Flight attendants reveal the food and drink to avoid on a plane

0 8 months ago

Love it or hate it, everybody who has taken a flight has their own opinions about food served on planes.

That, of course, includes flight attendants, who help prepare and service these inflight meals.

So what are the foods they would recommend avoiding when cruising at 35,000 feet?

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First of all water and hot drinks are an area in which they think passengers should be careful around.

While bottled water is fine, tap water could be one to avoid, explained one flight attendant to HuffPost, who requested that she be referred to simply as Whytney.

“It all comes down to how often the pipes are cleaned,” she said, adding that tap water is also commonly used to brew coffee and tea.

“The issue isn’t so much within the United States but, across other countries, similar regulations aren’t in place.”

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“Most flight attendants won’t drink the tap water, coffee or tea,” she added, noting that caffeinated drinks also dehydrate you – another reason to avoid them while travelling.

And before you put ice in your drink, think again. That is also often made using the very same tap water.

Steaks and fillets are another food category to avoid, attendants said, mainly because they are always overdone.

“The ovens are only so big, and there is only so much food that can fit in it,” said a Delta Air Lines flight attendant named Dennis. “If you are particular about how your steak should be prepared, don’t eat it.”

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