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A ‘Cup of Tea’ for the Prostate Improves Urine Flow

0 2 years ago

The technology, called Rezūm, proved effective even in a patient with a prostate gland roughly the size of a grapefruit, said Dean Elterman, MD, a urologist at University Health Network, University of Toronto, Canada, who led the research.

“What’s unique about my study is it’s real-world. We didn’t have criteria to include men. So, uniquely, our prostate size on average was about 77 g, whereas, in the clinical trials, it was around 40 g,” Elterman told Medscape Medical News. “The other really interesting thing is in the United States, the upper limit that you can treat with Rezūm is 80 g. We actually had 83 patients out of our 220 odd patients who have prostates bigger than 80 g.”

Treatment for BPH varies from medication to surgical procedures such as transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP). Approved by the US Food and Drug Administration in 2015, Rezūm involves a single-use scope with a 1-cm retractable needle pocked by an array of steam-emitting holes. Clinicians thread the scope up the urethra and release the 103° C vapor.

For the prostate, “it’s just like having a cup of hot tea,” Elterman said. “Over 9 seconds, the heat of that steam will transmit into the enlarged prostate tissue that’s causing the blockage, and the heat will cause the cells of the prostate to actually die ― immediately.”

In the study, a total of 229 patients (mean age, 67.3 years) with a mean prostate volume of 71.5 g (range, 20 – 160 g) underwent treatment with Rezūm. The mean time of the procedure was 4.8 min (range, 1.5 – 14 min), and the mean number of injections was 11 (range, 4 – 28). The mean duration of post-procedure catheterization was roughly 10 days.


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