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AltHealth is a “direct to consumer” marketplace where brands can connect with our community members so they can buy their products and services.

Our members will also “Cosell” by sharing content published on AltHealth about your products and services with their networks on other social media platforms.

We integrate with your existing ecommerce store and inject new incremental sales into your existing ecommerce infrastructure. You fulfil the sales in the normal course.

In our business model vendors offer commissions to our community. Our “multi touch attribution” software allows us to split the commissions among the actual Coseller(s) who influenced any given sale. This is game changing as our community becomes your “decentralized sales force”.

All members of our community – vendors and Cosellers – have digital wallets where the net selling price or commissions (as the case may be) are automatically deposited at the time of the sale. Vendors and Cosellers can then withdraw their funds and deposit them in their bank account (subject to any hold periods for returns, etc.).

The AltHealth Marketplace is a success based environment. There is no cost to our vendors until there is a sale.

For more information, contact Jorge Boero, Director of Operations – [email protected]