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These two road Warriors healed themselves and help heal others

0 2 years ago

Johnson, a retired Army colonel, and Adam Rosenwald, a veteran and Shaler Area teacher, recently returned from a “healing ride,” a bicycle ride from Pittsburgh to Washington D.C., to raise money for Pittsburgh Warriors Hockey.

“We use it to raise funds, but is really meant to help veterans heal,” Johnson said. “There is something extremely healing about constant movement like that, all day long every day. Adam was going through tough times and wanted to do this.”

This was Johnson’s second ride and Rosenwald’s first.

“It really, truly, was a way for two guys to heal in regard to their mental and physical health,” Rosenwald said.

The two bonded over shared experiences during tours in Afghanistan’s Korengal Valley, considered to be one of the most dangerous places for Americans. They were not there at the same time, but conditions had not changed, Rosenwald said.

Rosenwald, of Robinson, took a leave from his teaching job to enlist in the Army. He served with the 173rd Airborne Brigade from 2004 to 2008 and did two tours of duty in Afghanistan.

“I came home and was fortunate that I went immediately right back to work. That is not necessarily the situation for a lot of veterans,” he said.

Johnson, of Peters, was in the Army for 30 years. He served in the first Gulf War, did three tours in Afghanistan, one tour in Iraq, and served in Panama, Honduras and Bosnia.

He founded Pittsburgh Warriors Hockey with two other veterans four years ago after realizing that much of the health care offered to veterans were “Band-Aid treatment,” such as “lots of pills.”

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