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????WORLD’S #1 CONFERENCE on Corporate Wellbeing

0 2 years ago

Excited to be the Creative Director of the


on Corporate Wellbeing ????

Happiness@Work – Conference 2022

Join us in Antwerp on 28 June or via worldwide streaming


????‍♀️Get ready to go on an experiential musical journey of happiness (at work) together with world class leaders and keynote speakers.

????Ricardo Semler Iris Hond Shane Snow Claude Silver Tal Ben-Shahar

Music???? will play a very important role in workplace wellbeing.

You will experience this at the conference with the unique & powerful technique of Conscious Music Code

What you can do with it?

????‍♀️have positive mindset

????‍♀️release stress immediately

????‍♀️increase your focus & productivity

????‍♀️create positive habits with the way you think and act

And much more, with lasting results!

Jim Lippens thank you for inviting me to do this. Im thrilled to work with you and learm from you.

Lets make this an unforgettable experience.

Stay tuned!

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