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11 Tips to Help Reduce Your Risk of an Aneurysm

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1. Make Healthy Choices in Your Diet

Diets high in calories, saturated and trans fats, and sodium can lead to high blood pressure, high cholesterol, atherosclerosis (fatty deposits that clog arteries), and obesity, all of which are risk factors for aneurysms. (1,2)

Luckily, all of these health outcomes are tied in some way to diet, so you can modify your eating habits to help offset your risk of an aneurysm. Here are a handful of ways to do so: (3)

  • Choose fresh, whole foods over processed, packaged snacks, like cake, cookies, and candy.Limit fatty cuts of meat, such as brisket, T-bone steak, and beef ribs.Eat fried and fast food only in moderation.Opt for low-fat or fat-free dairy in lieu of full-fat dairy.Reach for whole grains and complex carbohydrates, such as brown rice or whole-grain bread, rather than refined, white carbohydrates, like white rice or white bread.Avoid or limit sugar-sweetened beverages, including soda, fruit juice, and energy drinks.Use heart-healthy oil, like olive, over coconut, palm kernel, and palm oil.

If you’re looking to lower your blood pressure, consider the DASH diet, which the National Institutes of Health (NIH) recommends for boosting heart health. DASH stands for Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension diet, and the approach can also help reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol, and weight. The diet focuses on vegetables, fruit, whole grains, fat-free or low-fat dairy products, fish, poultry, beans, nuts, and vegetable oils. Also, it calls for limiting sodium to between 1,500 milligrams and 2,300 milligrams per day. (3)

Research suggests fruits like apples, pears, bananas, and oranges may also prevent aneurysms. In fact, according to a study published in August 2013 in the journal Circulation, people who ate two servings or more of fruit a day were 25 percent less likely to have an abdominal aortic aneurysm and 43 percent less likely to have a rupture than those who ate less than once piece of fruit a day. (4)


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