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15 Limited Thinking Patterns and How it Affects Your Personal Growth

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We all have this little voices in our head that is there to provide us advices, sometimes to warn us of any dangers. Maybe, you have noticed lately that it’s there all the time and maybe even holding you back. Learning about your own limited thinking patterns is the first step towards your personal growth.

The first step to personal growth is awareness, how can you improve yourself if you are not aware of what you are currently doing or thinking. You might even believe that this is not that simple and it doesn’t matter. I know how you feel.

When I started my own journey for personal growth, I was very negative, judgemental and never would I have belief that this would have worked. After a few years of therapy, I finally met a therapist that was telling me two things to do.

  • Get ready every morning like you would go out, even if you don’t.
  • Anytime something negative comes to your brain, just tell yourself it’s not true

These are rather simple, but I did do them 70% of the time, and after a few months started to notice a change. I have learned later that maybe I missed the second part on how to better myself, but that first step to be aware started a domino effect to my personal growth.

What are limited thinking patterns?

Also known as “cognitive distortion” is an assumption we make based on minimal evidence, or without considering the evidence.

Limited thinking patterns occur over time, almost like you have created a habit of thinking this way. It’s very rarely the one thing that brought you here. It’s repetition that made you stop believing there was no other way, either from hearing the same thing for a long period of time, or experiencing the same thing over and over again. From childhood to adulthood, we all have different experiences that make us question how to remain positive or not to be overly judgemental of ourselves and others.

This way of thinking can increase the amount of stress you feel, which will protect you for your immediate survival, but will stop you from making empowering decision.

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