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21 Ways To Jumpstart Your Body, Legally and Healthily

0 2 years ago

Dark mornings, drizzly weather and a return to more abstemious habits are enough to leave anyone feeling lethargic. But a few simple changes to your daily routine can restock your energy reserves and inject vital firepower. Consider this your wake-up call.

1. Don’t Worry, B Happy

Nutrients such as B vitamins and magnesium help convert food into energy, “but factors such as stress and excessive alcohol consumption can quickly deplete your supply”, says nutritionist Rob Hobson. If you’re feeling burned out, reignite by serving up some mackerel, beans, spinach or even shredded beef alongside your morning eggs.

2. Take a Power(ful) Nap

If you often feel sluggish after lunch, a nap can give you better focus and creativity, says Dr Michael Breus, co-author of Energize! – ‘but only if you do it right.’ Seven hours after waking is optimal. ‘This coincides with a drop-off in cortisol and post-lunch dip in blood sugar,’ he says. About 45 minutes will allow your blood sugar to restabilise.

3. Skip The Tired Excuses

Slept like hell? A single night’s poor sleep won’t diminish your ability to train, says Dr Brinda Christopher, consultant specialist in sport and exercise medicine at London Bridge Hospital. Try 20 minutes of moderate cardio or bodyweight training: in a study by the University of Georgia, it helped reduce fatigue symptoms in exhausted people by two thirds.


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