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22 Successful People Who Meditate

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When it comes to finding your own success in today’s difficult and demanding market, one of the best things that you can do is to look to others who have found success before you for guidance. For example, there are dozens of celebrities, entrepreneurs, and multi-millionaires in the world today that value the art of daily meditation as a way to help them build their success.

If you are looking for a little extra motivation in your meditation practices, or have been on the fence about trying meditation at all, here is a list of 22 highly successful people that meditate.

  1. Russell Simmons- The multi-talented CEO of Def Jam claims that he has been practicing Transcendental Meditation for nearly two decades as a way to help him think, focus and be more creative. He even has his own app—Meditation Made Simple.
  2. Derek Jeter- Famed baseball player, Derek Jeter recently states in an interview that morning meditations are part of his routine on his recovery days.

3- Michael Jordan- Famed athlete and current NBA franchise owner, Michael Jordan worked with a meditation teacher when playing for the Chicago Bulls to learn about focus.

4 – Kobe Bryant– Bryant, who is often hailed as one of the best to play the game, states he meditates daily to help him clear his mind.

5- Oprah Winfrey– The millionaire mogul actually has a meditation center together with Deepak Chopra and is a major advocate of the practice.

6- Jeff Weiner- If you look at the CEO of LinkedIn’s schedule, chances are you will see several blocks in his day meant exclusively for meditating.

7- Rick Goings- Goings, who is the CEO of Tupperware, mediates for 20 mintues every afternoon to burn off stress and find clarity in his life.

8- Marc Benoiff- The entrepreneur, most known for starting SalesForce, has been meditating for decades. He has even spoken at several conferences, helping to educate other leaders on the importance of mindful meditation.

9- Kristen Bell- The beloved actress claims to meditate every morning as a way to help with the stresses of daily life, stating it helps her understand everything will unfold as it is intended to.

10- Padmasree Warrior- Warrior is one of the most successful women in the tech world today, acting as CTO to big companies such as Motoroal and Cisco. The tech guru actually takes a digital detox every night and meditates each evening.

11- Deepak Chopra– Already mentioned on our list for his meditation center with Oprah Winfrey, this meditation guru, has created numerous resources designed to help educate others on the art of meditation.


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