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25 Easy Feng Shui Principles & Examples to Reduce Stress

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Believing in an energy force around you is one thing, but understanding why cleaning up your plate after eating can promote a more stable mindset can be beneficial for everyone, especially you.

You may even apply some of these principles already, some make sense and are part of our culture. Especially when you start to seek a more positive environment around you.

The following list is separated into different section of your day to make it easy to follow.

What is Feng Shui?

Feng shui is a form of Chinese art of harmonizing the energies in your daily life. According to its believed, Feng Shui can cumulate in your mind, body and all around you from your daily life. If used in a negative way, it can create heavy blocks of energy stops the positive energy from entering. By changing your daily habits and cultivating a more positive atmosphere in your life you can change your behaviors, awareness and have a better understanding of your surroundings.

Why can certain Feng Shui Principles reduce stress?

By creating a healthy routine, we are developing positive brain patterns, which can help you worry less about things that you do not have control over. Choosing to follow a good morning routine can help you change your grumpy morning feeling into a positive one before taking on your day. It needs to start with yourself, it is your responsibility to not spread negativity to yourself and others. If you decide to be careless, distracted, rushed, always in a state of anxiety, irritation and hatred this is the energy you will promote in your homes and to others.

Start your routine with a more positive and mindful morning with these 5 easy ideas.

The routine you choose can help you be more productive, reduce stress, improve relationships and set boundaries. By cultivating positive intentions and emotions in our behaviors we can reduce stress, anxiety and remove disharmony in our lives.

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