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4 Ultimate Essential Oils and Their Uses

0 2 years ago

You might wonder if something is just a new trend or is it something you just didn’t know about and now that you are searching for it, it just seems so obvious. Essential oils have been used for thousands of years, they are not new in any way, but I am seeing an increase in their use and benefits online. The reduction of toxins in our lives is becoming more prominent, if you could use something natural to do the same action, would you still use something made in a lab? In this article, you can find the most common essential oils and their uses.

Why only these 4 essential oils?

I am a believer that you should go easy when starting something new. There are over 90 plus types of essential oils, all can be mixed to create something you need. By starting simple with only these 4 essential oils, you can ensure that you will use them to the best of your ability and not feel overwhelmed.

Over time, as you learn more and more and become accustom to each benefit, you will add more to your list. With these 4 simple oils, you can create almost anything you need to start a toxin-free life. All of them can be used in diffusers, cleaning products, body creams, etc.

Tips to know if your essential oil is pure

Like anything else, there is quality in the oil you will purchase, not to mention some companies are better than others. There are multiple ways to extract the oil and the quality of the plant it came from, just like if you eat fruits and vegetables. Before going on a search on Google, do some research about the company you will buy the oil from.

By simply dropping a few drops of oil on a piece of paper, you can determine if the quality of the oil is pure. If it is, the oil will evaporate quickly and will not leave any stain on your white piece of paper. This tip will not work for every oil, since some do have colours to them, but it’s a start.

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