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4 Ways Companies Will Improve Employee Wellness in 2022

0 2 years ago

Robert L. Quigley, MD, DPhil, is the Senior Vice President and Global Medical Director, Corporate Health Solutions at International SOS & MedAire. After 25 years working in surgery, critical care, and immunology, he’s using his expertise to advise on crisis management, infectious disease, and health care. Here, he shares his thoughts on how—and why—employers must support employee wellness.

As we enter our third year of the pandemic, employee wellness is still a major topic of discussion. Companies have rolled out support that was never considered—let alone offered—before, yet workplaces are still far from perfect. Will 2022 bring stability to the workplace? What does the “new normal” look like? Are you being supported by employers the way you need to be?

In collaboration with Ipsos MORI, International SOS, the world’s largest medical assistance organization, recently published results of its annual 2022 Risk Outlook Survey. The survey unveils the top threats to the global workforce in the next year. The global data was collected from nearly 1,000 senior risk decision makers across 75 countries and most industry sectors. The top risks predicted for 2022 all are expected to negatively impact employee wellness, and in turn, productivity.

Decreased productivity is certainly a manifestation of an emotionally unwell workforce, but so is resignation. What commonly drives workers to leave organizations is lack of support. Since both decreased productivity and resignation impact the “bottom line,” many organizations are implementing different initiatives to support employees with a safe return to normal.


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