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6 of the Easiest Breathing Exercises to Help Relieve Your Anxiety and Stress

0 2 years ago

You’ve probably heard this before: When you’re anxious or stressed, there are breathing exercises that can help. And even though you’ve heard it before, you probably ignored the idea, because something as natural as breathing doesn’t seem like it needs much practice. But there are exercises that you definitely should practice—or at least try, to see how they make you feel—as well as a few apps that can help you get started if you want to continue learning better breath work and meditation.

Box breathing is an incredibly simple practice, and a great place to start: Inhale to the count of four, hold your breath for four counts, exhale for four counts, and again hold your breath for four counts.

Continue this rhythmic pattern for a couple of minutes, and you’ll likely notice yourself feeling noticeably calmer. You can get in the habit of doing it daily—say, every morning before starting work—or when you begin to feel particularly stressed, like before an important meeting. Try the video above by the wonderful YouTube channel “Therapy in a Nutshell.”

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