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6 Signs To Look Out For To Check Your Emotional Wellness

0 2 years ago

When it comes to signs from your body, you know when things are not working at full speed. A nagging tooth-ache, muscle pain, breathlessness or prolonged coughing, and we know it’s time to rush to our doctors. We take efforts to keep our physical wellness in check but do we do so for our emotional wellness too? Do we have signs to know if we are doing well, emotionally? The answer is YES! As our body gives us signs, our mind also tells us about its health. We just need to be a little more vigilant in case of emotional signs.

Here is a list of 6 signs to follow to know your emotional wellness.

1. You Have A Sense Of Purpose

If you have read the Japanese book Ikigai which talks about the Japanese philosophy of having a purpose in life which keeps you healthy, physically and emotionally, you know that, that’s what gives the Japanese a long happy life. So, if you know the purpose of your life it is a good indicator of emotional wellbeing.

2. You Take Care Of Your Physical Health

When you take those efforts to achieve life’s purpose by eating healthy, doing physical exercise regularly, quitting on the unhealthy habits and getting 8-hours of sleep regularly you know you are doing it right. Mind and body go hand-in-hand and for one’s wellness the other needs to be well too.

3. You Have Learnt To Say No

It does not come very easy for some people to say No. It requires a strong emotional health to make boundaries and not agreeing to everything that others say, without feeling guilty about it. Emotionally healthy people do not seek approval from others or are not weighed down with their opinions about them. So, if you say ‘No’ without being guilty about it, then it is a sign that you are emotionally well.


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