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7 Affordable Activities to Reduce Stress for Students

0 2 years ago

School season is here again! Yeah! Whether you are a pro and have been in school for a while now or maybe you are starting a new chapter like high school, college or university and it may seem like the most scary thing of all. There is a lot that you can do to make sure you are prepare and there is also activities to help you reduce stress and anxiety for students that won’t break the bank.

I remember going to school, even as a kid and the 3 days before I could never sleep. I will stay up all night in anticipation. My diet was very poor, same as far as my sleeping goes, I never exercised much and I would wait to accomplish anything last minutes. I was depressed, stressed, in poor mental, emotional and physical health. It was a great time and I was wondering what was wrong with me.

Learning what I know now about what happens in your body and mind when you are under stress, I will ensure to make better choices for myself. The choices I made while going to school were never in a place to be healthy, it was often to please others to the detriment of my own health.

The below ideas are chosen to be easy, manageable, and affordable. Even by doing 1 or 2 out of this list could make a world of difference in reducing your stress management while going to school.

Healthy and Unhealthy Coping Behaviours

Part of stress management also means realizing if the behaviors you are choosing are healthy or unhealthy. I would debate that someone who goes to the gym 5 days a week to avoid something in life is unhealthy. Even though the act of exercising is healthy, the reason behind it might not be. Same would apply to food, are you healthy, but in reality avoid meals or social events because overeating scares you?

A good rule is if one of your friends would tell you about the behavior that is on your mind at the moment what would you tell them? Or even simpler, if you wouldn’t mention the behavior you are choosing to one of your close friends without the fear of being judged, it might be a good indication that there is something deeper to it.

Ever had someone tell you about their high level of drinking? That is an extreme and easy case to see how this could be unhealthy. They aren’t always so easy to notice. Are you using a behavior to avoid something else or hide?

While going to college, I learned to indulge in food, not the healthy kinds. Lack of funds and knowledge about cooking and food was an issue. It was easy to eat out in fast food places every day and eat anything that could be made in a microwave. The poor lack of diet and nutrients did increase the stress, anxiety and depression I felt for years.

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