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7 Small Ways to Improve Your Joy and Happiness, According to Science and Experts

0 3 years ago

There is no such thing as feeling too good, after all. So add these seven small and easy ways to improve joy and happiness that we learned from science and experts on the subject to your toolkit for 2022 and beyond.

1. Go to the beach

Regardless of the season, a trip to the beach may be the happiness boost you’re craving. There’s a science-backed reason (three, really) why the beach is many people’s happy place. It can help you reconnect and recharge, embrace a vacation mindset, and provide a mental reset needed to deal with life’s tough situations. Not a beach person? No worries. “Being in nature or anywhere outside where there is fresh air will always bring benefits for a person’s well-being,” clinical psychologist Aura Priscel De Los Santos previously told Well+Good.

2. Start your day with introspection

The way you start your morning can help set the tone for the day. So, to ensure you start each day on a positive note, Michelle Wax, a happiness coach and founder of the American Happiness Project, recommends asking yourself these key questions each morning: What can I look forward to today? What has the potential to stress/worry me today, and how will I choose to respond to it? And, how do I want to feel at the end of the day, and what do I need to do (or not do) to make that a reality?

3. Implement a bedtime ritual

Similarly, having a solid bedtime routine that makes you feel good can help you end your day on a high note and lead to a better night’s rest. So what does an ideal mood-boosting nighttime routine entail? Happiness experts recommend setting a strict bedtime, journaling, expressing gratitude, getting ready for bed well before bedtime, shutting down all electronic devices, visualizing what you want the next day to look like, going for a walk, or connecting with your partner (if you have one). The key, Laurie Santos, PhD, a happiness expert and professor of psychology at Yale University, says is to keep your routine short and sweet, so you’re more likely to stick to it long-term.


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