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8 Health Hacks: A cheat sheet to stay healthy

0 2 years ago

I wasn’t always healthy, growing up, and also the knowledge surrounding health was very different back then from what we know now. Being from a small town, the internet only came to my house when I was 15. The reality was, the information you got, unless your parents and teachers would tell you, you just wouldn’t know. There was almost no way to stay healthy.

Now, there is so much information, how to trust what is even real anymore. For every subject you can find an argument for whatever you research and a counter argument that will prove the other one wrong. Not to mention, finding trustworthy information, especially about health, is starting to become challenging.

We all know what it means to be healthy and how to do it, but motivation day in and day out can be lacking. In addition, the constant stress from our lives makes it that much harder to stay healthy. Find below, the best 8 ways to stay healthy!

8 Best Ways to Stay Healthy

Hack 1: Reduce Stress

To begin, let me ask you, what part of your day is the most stressful. What would be your answer? Is it in the morning, maybe getting the kids ready for school or at night, getting them ready for bed. Take a minute to think about your normal week day, when is the time you feel you would rather not be there.

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