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Breast cancer treatments have improved over the years to help patient’s quality of life

0 3 years ago

Up until the 1970’s, there was only one option to remove breast cancer, a radical mastectomy. Now, surgeons say there are many, much less invasive options. Some procedures conserve patients breasts completely, and in almost all surgeries now, a plastic surgeon and breast surgical oncologist work together. Surgeons from Baystate Breast and Wellness Center say the evolution of breast cancer treatment has really helped patients quality of life.

Dr. Jesse Casaeubon, a breast surgical oncologist at Baystate Health said, “For someone who is facing a new breast cancer diagnosis, they want to maintain their outward physical appearance, this is a very exciting thing. This allows us to do that.”

Baystate Breast and Wellness Center recommends speaking with your oncologist to learn about all of your surgery options.


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