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Calisthenics Exercises for Beginner to Advanced Level

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Calisthenics has been a huge hype in the fitness scene for years. It is a street workout in which muscle building is achieved through static or dynamic bodyweight exercises. With simple aids these can be supported or made more difficult if necessary. Despite its simplicity – you hardly need more than a pull-up bar for the workout – Calisthenics has enormous effects on the whole body. So it’s not for nothing that the trend has spread like wildfire around the world.

What is Calisthenics?

The term “calisthenics” comes from the Greek and means something like “beautiful strength”. In contrast to pure strength training with weights, here it is about more: In calisthenics, the movements are performed in a controlled and graceful manner. The basic exercises do not require any equipment at all. Push-ups, squats or sit-ups can be practiced with your own body weight alone. Over time, you can then integrate some equipment into the workout. These are in particular pull-up bars, dangling bars, wall bars or parallel bars. Since the sport is becoming increasingly popular, there are now even special outdoor calisthenics parks in every major city, where you can find bars, parallel bars and other sports equipment. The advantage is that you don’t have to train alone in the privacy of your own home, but can get in touch with like-minded people and exchange ideas. If you don’t have a park near you, you can also use climbing frames in playgrounds, clothes poles or branches in the woods that can bear weight. Even in the origins of calisthenics exercises, which partly originated in New York in the street workout scene, athletes first incorporated street signs, benches, scaffolding or wall ledges into their workouts. This simplicity – working out effectively when and where you want – is what makes calisthenics exercises so popular. Even people who have little time and money can get a strong and supple body.


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