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DIY Natural All Purpose Cleaner

0 2 years ago

Whether you are new to a toxin free lifestyle or want to find a recipe you can easily make at home. This DIY Natural All Purpose Cleaner is truly the simplest thing to make and cost effective.

You might have started to question what chemicals are in the products you use on a daily basis. I know I did when my daughter was born, have you tried reading the labels and understand what is in it.

Personally, I find people make all of this very complex. Which I don’t have time for, yes you can use the best equipment possible and the fanciest bottle, but honestly the dollar store plastic spray bottle good for garden can do the job if that is what you can afford. The only thing I recommend is to use glass bottle to store all essential oils, but in general with the water that dilutes the product you will be find.

Don’t make your life and wallet more complicated! Keep it simple!

Benefits of making your own cleaning products

  • Toxin Free Home
  • Safe for Children and Pets
  • Improve Air Quality
  • Cost-Effective
  • Eco-Friendly

Part of the stress management coaching I provide does include the ability to understand the choices you make and the impacts they have on your life. By understanding the products you use on your daily basis and making an effort to better your home, you can even start to reduce stress in your life. If personal growth as been on your mind and this is the first step towards it, don’t miss my other article here.

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