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Easy to Follow Cardio Fitness Program For Beginner

0 2 years ago

I was always intrigued by fitness. When I became an adult, I remember my mom going to the gym for what was probably 2 years when I was a teenager and that was what I thought I needed to do. The only way to be healthy and follow a fitness program for beginners is in a gym setting. Oh was I wrong.

When I was 18, I signed up for a women’s gym after school and went for a few months and stopped. I started at another gym after I moved and stopped again after a few months.

The idea I had of fitness was very limited, so if I didn’t like the gym, what was I supposed to do? I also tried boot camp classes, which I really like, but it was so hard to get there I might have gone 3 times in total. I really wanted to try running so I got a Couch to 5k app, but I never finished it. My in-laws had me join a softball league, which was a lot of fun, was I ever good… haha, no, but I liked it.

I am telling you all this, because as much as you can be motivated to start a fitness program for yourself, it is a lot more important to find something you like. You might need to try out a few things, and that’s okay. The gym is not for everyone. I still don’t like lifting weights or doing Hiit workouts, but I discovered over the years that I love endurance training. If you only reason to start is to lose weight, think again.

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