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Free your mind: Meditation could be VR’s next killer app

0 2 years ago


  • After opening their first meditation studio in Toronto in 2018, the co-founders of Hoame were looking to expand. The work on a VR app for Hoame began before the pandemic; they launched their Quest app a little over a month ago, and are now offering a studio-like meditation experience in VR.
  • Hoame is just one of a number of apps and services looking to bring mindfulness and meditation to VR. Meditation services were among the first to embrace subscription billing on Meta’s Quest app store, and Meta competitor HTC even built an entire VR headset around the notion of immersive wellness.
  • It’s a surprising direction for VR, an industry that was squarely focused on gaming for years. But after fitness apps and services became an overnight hit in VR app stores, could meditation be VR’s next killer app?

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