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Here are FIVE myths about STRESS I want to share with you.

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As an Opinion, you don’t really have to agree with it, and certainly I don`t have any flashy credentials to try to implant my thoughts into your brain as an undeniable truth, but… as a sincere opinion, I expect people to either agree or disagree, just that.

I enjoy reading work papers from people like: J Anderson (Cognitive Phycologist) or Dan Ariely (Behavioral Economist). When you spend time digging inside the thoughts of super intelligent people you normally come up with some thoughts of your own.

Here are mine.

1.- A stress-free live is a happier life.

I think this is BS, why? Because Stress is the responsible to trigger a Fight or Flight response in your body which is your body`s reaction to a perceived danger or threat. At the same time, stress is the push you get from your mind and body to react upon a situation, whether it is to complete an assignment or conclude a task. However, if you prologue stress, you might end up falling into a very deep dark whole called, Chronic Stress, and trust me, you don’t want that. So… the success in life is not trying to achieve a stress-free live, but to have more tools and skills to handle stress better.

2.- You should shield kids from stress.

For all you `Helicopter parents` out there, let me please share something with you.

Some of the benefits of stress in children are:

a) They learn how to tolerate distress

b) They learn self-regulation

c) They developed adaptive coping skills

Let your kid know that you are there for him/her does not imply to impair his/her ability to deal with live situations as he/she grows.

We want to raise resilient children, right?

3.- Taking a vacation will cure Burnout.

This is funny, and the answer is NO! A vacation will only become a timely limited palliative of those feelings, anxieties and situations that will be waiting for you as soon as you come back home.

Burnout is one of the fruits of chronic stress, and chronic stress is the result of a fusion of different factors you have to deal (but you don`t want to) in your day to day live.

So… the solution is not running from your problems, is actually facing them.

4.- STRESS will go away if you don`t think about it.

I find that when I try to tell my brain not to think about something, normally, that something is all I think about.

So basically, trying to avoid stressing throughs will not have the magic effect of making them disappear.

5.- Stress helps people work faster and better.

I know what you are thinking, this guy told us earlier that stress is good for work, well…

Stress is great to get you started with that peace of responsibility that you were avoiding, but is certainly not the best advisor to get it done.

When people work under pressure or under stress, they tend to make silly mistakes and the prolonged stress situation will cause a drop in productivity in the mid or long run.

If you think we can add more to the list or perhaps you have something to say I am open to listen, just leave me a comment.

Love you all!!

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