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Retirement communities across Canada are going all in on holistic wellness

0 2 years ago

The reputation of long-term care homes has taken a beating in the pandemic years. Due to mismanagement, a lack of preparation, understaffing and an assortment of other woes, many long-term care homes have become hotbeds for Covid-19 outbreaks, a revelation that has provoked deeper questions about the quality of care provided to our seniors. It’s become clear that many have failed to meet the emotional and even physical needs of the people who rely on them.

But some long-term care homes are trying to do things a bit differently—they’re taking a wellness-first approach for their residents through unique amenities and programs designed to spark late-life joy.

One such retirement home is Tapestry at Village Gate West. Tapestry is an emerging retirement organization that operates four communities across Canada—three in British Columbia and one in Toronto. Village Gate West is located in Etobicoke in Toronto’s west end and is oriented around “seven dimensions of wellness”: physical, emotional, intellectual, social, spiritual, environmental and occupational. For starters, residents enjoy a full-service salon and spa, a high-definition golf simulator, a theatre and a creative arts centre.


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