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The 4 Best Clean Protein Powders in Canada

0 2 years ago

I included protein powder in my life when I started working out, but I didn’t really put that much thought into it. Over the last year, after being sick due to a medical condition, I had to resort to seeing a nutritionist to help me. Finding a good company that I could trust and would offer the best clean protein powders in Canada was important.

Where I started

I was aware how important my nutrition was and I wanted to sustain my workouts, but I didn’t have any energy anymore. After a lot of medical testing and research on myself, lowfod map diet, mixed with a liquid diet was my only solution.

I know if you read this, you might think that you aren’t that bad and this isn’t for you. I have learned that lacking protein increases cravings, bad food choices, and another multitude of issues that I have listed below.

With the food choices we have now, it is easy to not get a good source of nutrition and not fully understand why we feel the way we do.

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