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JANUARY 5th 2022

Happiness Psychology : Happiness means having positive feelings and a positive state of mind. You do experience happiness during the day, perhaps many times, but you do not remember the occasions because of either you do not pay them attention or you take them for granted.

It is also true that happiness does not last long. It may leave some good memories, but happiness itself remains fleeing in most cases. There are two aspects to happiness. One is the experience of happiness and the other the state of happiness. The experience of happiness arises from your experience of positive feelings that arise from the events or the people you come across in your life. You feel happy as you find them agreeable or acceptable. The state of happiness arises from your general attitude, mindset or propensity. It develops overtime as a general characteristic or aspect of your personality, and influences your happiness threshold or how you react and respond to the events and circumstances in your life.

For most people life is a struggle as they have to sacrifice many comforts and personal freedom to make a living. Hence, they do not experience happiness as much as they want or expect. You cannot remove every condition that interferes with your happiness or increases your discomfort and unhappiness. You cannot be entirely free from stress and anxiety since life imposes numerous burdens upon you in your struggle for survival and search for peace. However, you can learn to be happy and peaceful within your means and circumstances even in adverse conditions. you can do it by changing your thinking, priorities, expectations and attitude.

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