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Wellness & Sustainability in the Luxury Travel Domain

0 2 years ago

A wide diversity of voices gave real-world examples of practicing modern sustainability and incorporating wellness in new projects. The BLLA conference effectively answered the question, “how do wellness and sustainability relate to one another in the tourist industry, and how can we incorporate these elements into our design?” With speakers and panelists from all over the globe, including Bali, Ecuador, Chicago, London, Cape Town, India, Argentina, etc., it is clear wellness and sustainability will be common themes across the board in upcoming tourism and travel.

The conference kicked off its 12th anniversary with the first talk of the day: Wellness: How to Create an Awakening Experience, focusing on how wellness is directly linked to elements of design. “The space that surrounds us can cause high levels of stress, or take us to a sense of wellbeing,” Romina Nicolino, the Director of Spa and Wellness at AKEN Hotels & Resorts said. When addressing how people are affected by the surrounding spaces, she added; “we try to combine our philosophy of wellness with the architecture, this is the key in every space of the spa.”

Romina was not alone in the sentiment that wellbeing is all in the subtleties. Monica Cuervo, the Senior Vice President and Regional Director, North & South America at WATG, spoke to the idea that hotels can curate the wellness of guests by considering all the small details of the experience; from the moment they arrive at their destination, to the check-out process. She added, “I think it has to do with all of the senses, … each of the five senses must be touched,” and went on to explain; “so many aspects of our stay at a hotel have to do with all of those little details.”

In the same conversation, Master Surendran offered a clear definition of wellness. We all could use a reminder, as this buzzword makes its way into bubble bath marketing. Surendran, the accredited Feng Shui Master, Vastu Consultant, and Bio Energetician added that “WHUS defines wellness as the total process of having physical, mental, and social wellbeing. You are physically fit, mentally fit, and the environment is supporting you to bring out the best in you. And then, you can contribute towards society.” With this definition in mind, we can more clearly understand how elements of design, discussed by associates and suppliers for the span of the conference, are all contingent on the focus of visitors’ wellbeing in a practical way.


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