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Why Is Holistic Health Important – Beginner’s Guide

0 2 years ago

Discover why holistic health is important!

I love the health community, but sometimes it can be very pretentious. I know, right, that’s one way to start a blog post. Have you been searching for simple questions online and you get the most scientific, not entertaining text. I get it, but maybe not everyone is interested in reading these or has the knowledge or time to understand them. I created this beginner’s guide to help you better understand why holistic health is important and how to include it into your life.

I am not a doctor or a medical professional. These are advice I have followed in my life that have helped me. I am in no way suggesting treating yourself or not seeking medical attention. Before starting any health programs, I recommend you speak to your doctor.

Why am I talking about holistic health?

I started my holistic journey in my early 20s, but at the time, I didn’t know about it. I just started on a path of a more natural way to live. From depression, stress management, relationship issues, bad nutrition, terrible work environment and poor exercise, I was a mess.

The world we live in includes a lot of quick fixes for every aspect of life. I am here to tell you this isn’t one of them. The more time and effort you bring to yourself and work on what doesn’t align for you anymore, the more you will have a happy and fulfilling life. Do you live with any regrets?

It’s easy to end up at the doctor because you have something wrong and it is easy to be prescribed medication. Yes, conventional medicine does work, and I am not suggesting to stop going to the doctor, ever. But sometimes you could be adding more to it.

Conventional medicine saved my life after a terrible accident when I was young. It also helped me find out what was wrong and the diagnosis. After a lot of testing, the end approach for me remains holistic and natural. I am telling all this to show that both are equally important.

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