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Wellness During Exam Season

0 8 months ago

Exam Season Self-Care Tips & Resources

Exams are a busy and stressful time for students! Putting some time aside to practice self-care during these stressful times is increasingly important to help support both your mental and physical health.

TIP 1: Schedule in study breaks

While studying it is important to take purposeful breaks. Research has shown that purposeful 5–60-minute breaks while studying allow your brain to refresh and your body to increase its energy. This increase in energy allows you to be more productive and be more focused. Try to fit in a walk during your next study session or a snack to help keep your energy up!

TIP 2: Sleep well, especially before exams!

Good sleep is always important and not sleeping well can impair the skills you need to do well on exams.
  • Stay off your phone half an hour before you plan to sleep try to read a book or journal before bed to relax your mind.
  • Cut out caffeine after 3pm and try not to eat too close to bedtime.
  • Plan a bedtime routine so your body can plan to shut down for the night and you get a restful night’s sleep

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