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Navigating oborodh: Is it time to move to work from home?

0 8 months ago

As the streets of our country vibrate with the thunderous procession by the political parties and daily commute is hampered due to the sporadic blockades, not to mention the incidents of vehicles being torched that we hear about, the ongoing political unrest presents a challenging landscape for office goers and businesses alike. So, is it time for us to reconsider transitioning to remote work?

Considering the current political situation, working from home emerges as the most feasible and beneficial option amidst this blockade. Imtiaj Mahmud, working at a telecommunication organisation, opines, “As I live in Dhaka, it won’t be much difficult to reach my office. But what about my colleagues who live outside? How are they supposed to come back? Due to the blockade, the availability of transport is close to none.”

Remote work ensures safety by keeping individuals away from potentially dangerous situations and with potential unrest on the streets, working remotely becomes a means of safeguarding personal security — crucial in such uncertain times.

Farhan Alvee, a banker by profession, who needs to attend office despite the blockade, shares, “Our work requires us to be present at the office no matter what the situation is. But in all honesty, we fear for our lives. Given the current situation of our country. If it was up to me, I would have worked from home.”

In spite of the drawbacks, remote work emerges as a viable solution to ensure the continuity of operations and the safety of individuals amidst political unrest. By embracing technological advancements and implementing thoughtful strategies, individuals and businesses can navigate these challenging times while prioritising both productivity and well-being.

If someone asks me, what would be my preference? The answer would be as simple as my fellow commuters, tolerating a similar ordeal — above everything else, I want my safety to be prioritised first, and if my travel expenditure gets minimised in the process, it wouldn’t sound like a bad deal.


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