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20 Greatest Benefits of Yoga

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I started doing yoga 10 years ago, or at least I wanted to, but I started to do it regularly when my daughter was born. I started having pains and aches and I knew some of the 20 benefits of yoga mentioned below. How it could help me to get my body in shape at home. I was not allowed to leave her home alone yet. Okay, I am still not able to at the moment, I am working on that.

Whatever the reason you choose to start your yoga practice, there will be as many benefits as you want to get you started. But, the most important reason will always be your why? Why is this important to you? I can’t answer that for you, everyone has different answers here, but understanding what you want to accomplish is crucial for you to do it when you are not so motivated.

I will assume, if you are here, you have an idea of what yoga is and are looking to get more insight on why so many people are talking about it. Some of the following 20 benefits of yoga, you would have heard about them, but it is still worth to mention them.

Yoga is only stretching

Let’s talk about this, before I bring you to a more positive list. I do both yoga and stretching, but when I setup my mat to do yoga, there is just a different feeling and intention about it. They both have a purpose, but it is not the same.

During a static stretch, you hold a position to your maximum reach and will not move for an extended period of time. It is usually used before or after an exercise program to release your muscles, increase mobility and flexibility. In addition, you can also perform a dynamic stretch, which includes doing a repetition of the same movement. Usually, used before a workout to warm up your body.

As for yoga, especially in a class, you move from poses to poses in a “flow”. The teacher will move you through a series of movements to bring the intensity deeper and deeper. There should be a progression from beginner to end, like climbing a mountain, start with warm-up, to a peak and then a cool down. Depending on the type of class or yoga, specific body parts will be worked on. All I can say, is I was never able to do the front split by only stretching.

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