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24 Crucial Tactics – Start Your Own Yoga Practice, Learn Everything You Need

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You might have heard of this great new thing from friends, family or from someone online and told yourself why not give it a try. The list below will provide you with the right way to start and find the yoga for beginners mind!

You sorta know the benefits and what it can do for you, but like anything new you wonder if you have everything to start.

If you are here, this tells me you would have heard of “Yoga”. You might have even tried a class. Maybe found a video on YouTube or searched the word Yoga on Google. Set up your mat (or whatever you have to exercise) and put on a super cute outfit or your pjs. Now What.

If you tried a video, maybe the person said a bunch of words that made no sense, asked you to put your leg somewhere it’s not supposed to go, and you gave up, this was crazy!

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I am here to tell you to not give up and try again!

You don’t need any prior fitness experience or even flexibility to start, with the right teacher. You will improve over time. Like anything in life, and this is not any different, you will have to learn. Accept the fact that you are a beginner. Even if you did other physical activities before, Yoga is new. Just enjoy the ride.

The list below will give you a head start in the right way, making it approachable and providing you with peace of mind to start your journey.

Main Benefits

  • Yoga will increase flexibility
  • Improve range of motion
  • Reduce aches and pains from prior injuries or even your daily life
  • Perfect if you are experiencing back, hip or pelvic pain
  • Benefit heart health
  • Helps you sleep better
  • Improve energy and mood
  • Reduce stress and more

To read more about the benefits of yoga, read the following article

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