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5 Tips for Slowing Down

0 2 years ago

In our modern, busy lives, it can sometimes feel like we’re speeding through the day, hurrying from one task to the next. And while we may check more off our to-do lists by rushing, the constant thinking ahead means that our minds are never calm. Just as rushing can become a habit, it takes practice to tap back into the present moment and remind ourselves to pause. As meditation teacher Martin Aylward notes, “slowing down is an art and a practice,” which ultimately leads to greater contentment. Thankfully, one can practice slowing down anytime and anywhere. Here is a collection of teachings from Tricycle’s archives to help you slow down, whether that’s by extending the breath or taking a single, mindful step.

1. Recognize the Need for Quiet

“We have the wealth of absolute truth, of immeasurable love and compassion—the whole wealth of the universe within us. It’s just waiting to be discovered. But within the hustle and bustle of morning-to-evening activity, we’ll never manage to find it. It’s like a golden treasure that is lying within us, that we can actually touch upon through the quiet mind. Anyone can do it, but they’ve got to become quiet…

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