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5 Ways to Make Any Bodyweight Exercise More Challenging (Without Adding Weights)

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Even when you don’t have equipment, you can still get in a great workout. Here’s how.

If you’re looking for home workouts without equipment, but worried about the results, we’ve got good news: It is possible to build muscle without weights. In fact, all bodyweight exercises can be just as challenging (and effective) as a pullup. You just have to know how to tailor them to your fitness level—and then adapt them when that level changes.

And it turns out that bodyweight exercises are good for more than just building muscle. Recent research has even found that bodyweight exercises–when performed at a “challenging pace”–can improve cardiorespiratory fitness.

The best trainers and strength coaches know how to tailor bodyweight exercises to their own fitness level—and then adapt them when that level changes. Steal their science-backed rules to get a more effective workout sans equipment.

Build muscle by following these 5 laws of bodyweight workouts

Apply any one of these five laws of physics to your regular bodyweight strength exercises to make them even more effective.

Law #1: To get leaner, be longer

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