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51 Yoga Poses and Their Sanskrit Names

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If you have been doing yoga, even as a beginner, your teacher most often uses some of the Sanskrit names during the class. Their use is broad from a few words here or there, to some classes that only use Sanskrit to talk about the yoga poses. You might have heard of “Chaturanga Dandasana“, which is a very common term in yoga and rarely described in other fitness classes. Which would mean “four-limbed staff pose” or better known as low-plank. In addition, we all know at least one Sanskrit word, which is Yoga!

Some knowledge to know before starting, the word Asana in Yoga is used when talking about a pose. Most poses “Asana” will include the word at the end of their sanskrit name. This simply describes the name given to the movement, also adding the word “pose” at the end. For example, “crow pose” which is “Kakasana“. In this example, “Kaka” means crow with the word “Asana” for pose.

Why using Sanskrit?

Wherever you are today, it is a language anyone can learn just like any other. My recommendation, if you want to use it for yoga purposes, would be to start learning a few poses here or there. The more you practice and listen during your class, most likely you will end up with a few words. It is believed that this language offers more consciousness to your practice and can bring you to a deeper level.

Your teacher might use the name of yoga poses sanskrit name to honor and respect the culture and history of Yoga. As mentioned above, it can provide you with a deeper philosophical and spiritual practice.

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