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6 Major Benefits of Doing Yoga Every Day, from Experts

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Sometimes it’s the simplest daily practice that can have the biggest impact on your health, and yoga is proof of that. Although most forms of yoga aren’t considered to be as intense as other workout regimens (think your average cycling class!), practicing yoga on a daily basis has been scientifically demonstrated to help you mentally and physically. Through breath work, meditation, and holding poses that increase strength and flexibility, the body and mind reap benefits from yoga that positively impact your long-term health. It’s no wonder people have been practicing yoga for over 5,000 years, and that the number of Americans practicing yoga doubled between 2012 and 2016 to nearly to 40 million, according to the Yoga Alliance.

In order to get the full scope of what practicing yoga daily can really do for your body, The Healthy @Reader’s Digest spoke with several experts who have seen the ways yoga has positively benefited their students, patients…and even themselves.

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Yoga assists with mood regulation

Jenni Tarma, an ERYT500 yoga teacher and Yoga Medicine Therapeutic Specialist, shares, “We have a wealth of research demonstrating that a regular mindfulness practice—the act of paying attention to the sensation in the body, thoughts, and emotions without judgment—can reduce stress, and help us to feel calmer, more productive, and generally more even-keeled in our daily lives.”

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