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Can Yoga boost hair growth?

0 2 years ago

Those who practice Yoga will say that it is not merely an exercise routine but a lifestyle in itself. Regularly doing Yoga has countless benefits, not just physically but also mentally.

Performing Yoga asanas on a daily basis will improve one’s stamina, endurance, boost weight loss and provide relief to several ailments. It also makes one more flexible.

Now, what if you were told that Yoga can also help you deal with hair loss and boost your hair growth? It may not sound true, but in fact there are Yoga Asanas that can help one increase hair growth as well improve the texture of the hair. These are not special Asanas designed only for the hair, these are regular Asanas that people practice, but these Asanas provide improved circulation and better oxygen supply to the head all of which improve the health of the follicles thereby boosting hair growth.

Here are three such asanas that can promote better hair health:

Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog Pose)

This pose is meant to strengthen your legs and arms. The purpose of this asana is to open the sides of your body and it also opens out your lungs. The overall benefit of this asana is improved oxygen circulation all over the body. Because the head is downward in this pose, it increases the flow of blood into the brain, which strengthens the hair follicles promoting hair growth.


Everyone has heard of Kapalbhati. The benefits of this rhythmic breathing have countless benefits for the body. The movement of the stomach and the breathing results in a cleansing as well improved oxygen circulation all over the body. A clean internal system and more oxygen are keys to good hair health.


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