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Is Your Balance As Good As It Should Be? Try This Trainer’s 5-Minute Test to Find Out

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Still, maintaining and improving balance is key to living a healthy, active life as you age. To assess your balancing skills, there’s a simple balance test you can try.

Michael Julom, certified personal trainer and founder of, created the test as a means of assessing and strengthening his client’s abilities. “It’s especially important for women to work on their balance beginning in middle age,” he tells First. “Loss of balance and resulting falls can be catastrophic. Women suffer from osteoporosis in greater numbers than men, and mortality increases as a result of hip fracture — which are common from falls. Training balance before it becomes an issue makes sense.”

Note: This is not an official balance test like the Berg Balance Scale or the Tinetti Gait and Balance Assessment Tool. Physicians use these assessments to test a patient’s balance in a medical setting.

How To Perform the Balance Test

Julom’s balance test is a stance progression. “Stance progression starts easy and gets harder as you progress it,” he says. Here’s how to do it:

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