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This Simple Meditation Exercise Can Help You Let Go of Rage and Find Inner Peace

0 2 years ago

Some people have trouble giving themselves permission to feel anger — it goes “underground,” reappearing in disguises ranging from depression to anxiety. Others have a hard time letting go of anger: They feed it in order to stay in control or distract themselves from a hurt that hasn’t healed. They can’t control what happened, but they can control their rage.

Either approach — pushing anger away or feeding it — leads to a rut of unhappiness. The key to getting unstuck? Allowing the feeling to just be calling on the loving presence that surrounds us, not holding anything back — and then relaxing and releasing it so that it moves through and away, like a cloud floating across a summer sky.

How do you increase your tolerance for uncomfortable emotions like rage? By summoning them through awareness and offering them to the vast loving presence that surrounds us. No matter what you call this presence, it’s capable of holding and dispelling difficult emotions — so you can be free and at peace.

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