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Type of Yoga Classes – Which one should you choose?

0 2 years ago

We didn’t complete all 5 classes, the travel time to the class and our schedule just made it harder to attend the 90 minutes of the Bikram Yoga class. I remember doing 2 or 3 classes. Afterwards, I was hooked on Yoga, but I needed to find something closer to home that matched what I needed.

I went to a fitness center that offered yoga, that was quite different. I was in a room with older people and I never moved so little in my life. I never went back, which was a Hatha Yoga for beginners.

After doing my yoga teacher training, it opened my eyes to how many different types of yoga classes there are and their benefits. Which also made me realize how little information was provided for people when they started their own journey.

From the list below, you can find an overview of the main styles of yoga plus a go to video if you are ready to try that style. Discover each of their benefits and origins and hopefully this will allow you to make the best decision.

Does choosing the right type of yoga classes matter?

Let’s not forget, we all come from different lifestyles, age, exercise levels and we aren’t looking for the same thing when it comes to fitness.

It is easy to just join any sort of class and realize it is not for you and never do another yoga class or even to get injured. It might not be the best way to go about it. By being informed you will be able to make the best decision for yourself, don’t listen to your buddy who attempted this one class that was amazing.

It doesn’t mean it’s the yoga you want or need.

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