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What Does Namaste Mean? The Significance Behind the Phrase

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For anyone who has taken a yoga class, you know the teacher will typically face the class at the end, put their hands together at the palm with fingers pointing up, bring them down, and say “namaste” as they bow. If you’ve been to enough yoga classes, you’ve caught on, and you know to do this back and say “namaste” at the same time.

But many people don’t realize that the word has a deep significance in South Asia and Hindu culture. And while your intention of use might be good, it’s important to know the history and the proper way to use namaste before saying it.

What does namaste mean?

The word namaste comes from Sanskrit(an ancient literary language in one of the oldest religions, Hinduism).

“The literal meaning of the Sanskrit phrase namaste is: ‘I bow to you.’ Within this expression lies a deeper invitation,” says Jeanine Thompson, a transformational coach, speaker, and author of 911 From Your Soul. “Namely, to see beyond physicality and honor the divine expression within all.”

It’s been used as a no-contact way to greet someone.

“To be greeted with this word is to be saluted with one’s hands pressed together and a slight bow originating from the Indian diaspora,” says Dr. Tracey Bond, D.Litt, HUMA. Div, innovator, co-creator of the DoubleOHHSevenEffect, and spiritual author. “Its social cultural gesture can be associated with greeting or introducing a person.”

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